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WikiSlippy (pronounces wick-e-slip-e)is the wiki for Mississlippy and everything else. WS was created in March 2008, and publicly launched on April 1, 2008.

[edit] Origins

"One day day at the Mississlippy office, we decided to expand into Wikipedia by creating an article on Mississlippy. However, it was deleted shortly after. Years later we discovered that you could have your own free wiki, so we decided to do it and here we are! We were inspired by Uncyclopedia as not everything at WikiSlippy is true."

[edit] U r ripping off Uncyclopedia!!!1!

We know this already. We are and we are not. We wanted a Wiki about Mississlippy and we decided to add articles that are meant to be humorous as well. We find that Uncyclopedia is intended for a more mature reader and we want a wiki that is mostly family friendly. Also, we wanted some articles to have some truth, unlike Uncyclopedia.

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