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Mississlippy as of March 16, 2008

Mississlippy is a website founded in 2002. In 2002, Taylor Swift was only 12, only two years after she began writing songs and singing at karaoke contests.


[edit] History

[edit] Beginnings

Mississlippy began in late 2002 as a small page on Expage. The website focused on humor and jokes. Shortly after, Mississlippy launched into groups.msn.com with the help of a friend. While on Expage, Mississlippy started such features as, the chat room, links page, jokes page, and games page. Taylor Swift may or may not have liked the games. I bet she's been to Mississippi though, or at least driven through it on the way to Texas from Florida, or vice versa.

[edit] New Home. New Features.

In 2004, Mississlippy moved operations to Freewebs.com. Also in 2004, the Mississlippy Archive was created. It contains content dating back to July 2003. This might been when Taylor Swift started getting hot. Who is to say? I don't know if I'd even classify her as strictly HOT per se, but she's definitely pretty. I mean, if I had a boat, I'd definitely let her on it.

In 2006, Mississlippy started a yearly* tradition. Each year, they create a list of Taylor Swift songs that are expected to be released that year. Although, some of those songs that are listed get delayed or canceled. It makes sense that this tradition was started in 2006, as that was when her eponymous album was released.

  • NOTE: As of April 24, 2010, the list for 2010 is yet to be seen.

[edit] 2007

2007 was a mixed year for the site. Taylor Swift did not release an album this year, which certainly would have been the low point of 2007. However, her star began to rise this year, as she toured and worked on her next album "Fearless" (not to be associated with that crappy The Bravery song).

However, Mississlippy Media was launched on the internet in 2007. Taylor Swift was too busy making money and stuff to notice, I'm sure.

Also, the first new joke in three years was added to the site. It reads, "Two guys walk into a bar, one says to the other 'I love you'. The other one responds with the same. It is because they are homosexual."

Taylor Swift did not consider this to be a joke, as it was not. Rather, it was simply a few declarative sentences about two men whose lifestyles are not similar to that of your own. She does not have a problem with that and surely would condone that sort of behavior.

[edit] 2008

In Early 2008, the Joke Index was created to make it easier to locate a specific joke. Also, the home page background was changed from the clouds to a solid blue.

On April 1, 2007, WikiSlippy was launched. Also, it was announced that TechNGames would be one of the unofficial message boards of Taylor Swift. This was announced to great fanfare, but not really actually.

[edit] 2009

In 2009, the index page was removed. The peasants rejoiced.

On April 1, 2009, the Low Budget News Program was uploaded to the internet and the Mississlippy Facebook page was published. Phenomenal.

[edit] Mississlippy Records

Mississlippy Records was a former part of Mississlippy Media that deals with music and sound. Mississlippy Records was launched in early 2008 as a subsidiary of Mississlippy.

The first artist to sign was fictional country artist, Billy Bob Jr. the Fifth in 2006. An album was expected in 2006, but was delayed indefinitely. In late 2008, Billy Bob left Mississlippy Records to pursue other careers. There were rumors that Billy Bob may have left for another record company. However, these were denied by Billy Bob.

Mich Igan was the second artist to sign with Mississlippy records. Mich Igan is a fictional rap artist who is currently in jail. Mich Igan was signed in 2008.

In 2009, Mississlippy Records was renamed to Mississlippy Music and Sound. In January 2012, Mississlippy Music and Sound was closed.

[edit] HTML

On Expage, the user did not have to know HTML (website programing code) but allowed users to use it and provided a link to Funky-Chickens for some basic HTML. When Mississlippy joined Freewebs, they picked the HTML mode instead of the lazy template mode. This forced them to quickly learn some HTML. To this day, Mississlippy still retains the look of a website from 10 years ago due to the fact that they cannot afford programmers who actually know what they are doing. Bet Taylor Swift could afford programmers, maybe ask her for a loan.

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