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Idiots is an online video series created by Mississlippy Media. Each episode is based on someone doing something stupid which usually ends up in pain. As of March 16, 2008, five videos have been released. On January 1, 2009 the videos were set to private.1


[edit] History

With the exception of episode 5, all the videos were accidents. By the end of 2008, Mississlippy realized that putting the videos on the Internet was a stupid idea. Mississlippy is currently in the process of removing them form the internet.

[edit] Episode Guide

List of Idiots episodes

[edit] Episode 1 - Bikes

The first Idiots episode to be released. The video starts with three Idiots riding bicycles. Two of the three try to be cool by doing stunts. The end result is one Idiot falling off the bike.

[edit] Episode 2 - Glue gun

The second episode starts with the Idiot applying hot glue to his hand via a glue gun. Idiot ends up burning himself and asking for more glue.

[edit] Episode 3 - Skateboard

The third episode takes place with an Idiot and a skateboard. The Idiot tries to go over the ramp and fails almost every time. The last time, he goes down sitting on the skateboard and gets road rash on the bottom of his pants. This is the fist video to introduce cursing, although, it is censored. Returning is an Idiot from Episode One.

[edit] Episode 4 - Fire

Episode Four is a short video where the Idiot is burning a plastic action figure with a candle. Idiot hits his hand on the candle holder while waving away some of the smoke. Returning is an Idiot from Episode Two.

[edit] Episode 5 - Fire2

Episode Five is the longest video. The idea is to burn a rag with gas. Although the gas is in a car. The Idiot ends up burning himself several times. Returning is Idiot from Episode One. This episode contains heavy cursing and is not censored.

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